Motorcycle Leather Jacket

 FRANK THOMAS Velocita  BLACK UK 42  FIRSTGEAR 2010 Women's Scout BLACK MD  JOE ROCKET Honda Super Hawk BLACK 44  ICON Women's Merc BLACK MD  FIRSTGEAR Women's Monarch Waterproof GRAY MD

Frank Thomas Velocita

FIRSTGEAR 2010 Women's Scout

JOE ROCKET Honda Super Hawk

ICON Women's Merc

FIRSTGEAR Women's Monarch Waterproof

SHIFT Avenger Textile WHITE PINSTRIPE 2XL  FIRSTGEAR Women's Heated Liner 90 Watt MD  JOE ROCKET Ballistic 7.0 Textile BLACK LG  FIRSTGEAR 2010 Kenya Textile BROWN/DARK GRAY LG  JOE ROCKET Women's Lotus 2.0 Textile BLACK SM

SHIFT Avenger

FIRSTGEAR Women's Warm & Safe Heated Liner 90 Watt MD

JOE ROCKET Ballistic 7.0 Textile

FIRSTGEAR 2010 Kenya Textile

JOE ROCKET Women's Lotus 2.0 Textile

The motorcycle leather jacket is worn by bikers, but has also been worn by rock stars, military aviators, metalheads, goths, punks, and the police. It is both worn for protection, but can also be intimidating to onlookers.

They became very popular in the last century. Movies played a role in their popularity. Johnny Strabler, played by Marlon Brando's in The Wild One wore a motorcycle leather jacket. Even the 'Fonz' from the Television show "Happy Days" wore one of these and was 'cool'. They were also worn by the couple in the movie Grease.

Sometimes called "Bomber jackets", they were worn by stars including Gary Cooper in For Whom the Bell Tolls, Jimmy Stewart in Night Passage, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, and in Top Gun.

Some are thicker than others, making them safer for riding. They are also heavier, some having armor lined within. Whether they are cool and intimidating or not, they provide a real layer of protection in the event of a mishap. When you head out on the ride, don't forget your motorcycle leather jacket.
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