Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle Touring is a great way to go sightseeing. Here are some tips and thoughts to help with a successful ride.


Motorcycle Touring offers a unique adventure in sightseeing. Motorcycle touring across the country is a fantastic way to see the sights. In some places, a motorcycle may be the only way to see the sights.

Several types of Motorcycles can be used for Motorcycle Touring. The type of Motorcycle you ride will depend on the location(s) you are visiting. Most people prefer a bike made for Motorcycle Touring such as a Harley-Davidson, a VTX, a Goldwing, among others. With fuel prices rising, a Motorcycle makes a good method of transportation. A Motorcycle is very affordable transportation. Sightseeing by motorcycle can save money.

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It is a law in many places to wear a helmet. Wear an appropriate helmet while Motorcycle Touring. The type of helmet is a personal choice, whether it be a full face, half, or the 'beanie'. Eye protection is a must while Motorcycle Touring.

Bring and wear a good set of glasses or goggles. Bring more than one pair while Motorcycle Touring, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use. Count on varying weather while Motorcycle Touring. Bring a good rainsuit for a better Motorcycle Touring adventure. The weather can go from one extreme to another.

The road noises and wind can bother some people. You may want to consider wearing earplugs and Lip balm. The lip balm will cut down on windburn that can cause extreme chapped lips (especially in the desert). If you are Motorcycle Touring near a beach or lake, a swimming opportunity may present itself. You may want to bring a swimsuit, suntan lotion, and flip-flops. Take a break from the road and take a dip in the nearest water – ahhh – refreshing!

Not all places you visit will have bathroom essentials available. Be sure to pack toiletries (toothpaste, soap, toilet paper). A Motorcycle Tour can become a disaster without these items. Prepare for the possibility of mechanical problems while Motorcycle Touring. It is a good idea to bring some tools.

Fender Mount Tool Kit

CRUZTOOLS DMX2 Fender Mount Tool Kit

Some things to consider bringing include the Motorcycle OEM tool Kit, Tie Wraps, Duct tape, Electrical tape, a Small socket set, an Air gauge, and a Tire repair kit. Additional storage may be needed for your Motorcycle. Motorcycle Touring requires one to pack and carry quite a bit. Consider a Tank bag, Saddle Bags, and a Trunk Bag. Without ample storage, you will need to pack lighter than you may want. For long rides, a good motorcycle seat pad will add comfort.

The right clothing can make the difference between a good ride and an uncomfortable and even painful one. Be sure to have the proper riding clothes for Motorcycle Touring. Some of the clothing items you may want to include are a Doorag (skullcap), Jacket, Pants/Chaps, Gloves, Boots, and Long Johns.

Leather Jacket

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Leather Chaps

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Summer Gloves

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RIVER ROAD Double-Zipper Boots

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There will be times when not riding, that 'riding clothes' will be uncomfortable. Be sure to carry some 'Street Clothes' to wear when not Motorcycle Touring. Many sights will require camping or hiking so you will want to prepare for these opportunities.

A schedule may not be on your mind when Motorcycle Touring. You may want to carry an Alarm Clock, however. If you visit a place that has a show at a certain time, you won't want to miss it while Motorcycle Touring!!

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